With NSF support we have developed, and will distribute 10 novel, affordable, modular hardware and accompanying low-level software platforms for enabling non-contact human-robot interaction research.


Enabling Computing Research in Socially Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction: A Community-Driven Modular Research Platform

Advances in sensor and communication technologies have facilitated progress in computing research on physical platforms. The field of human-robot interaction (HRI) has grown significantly in the last decade and a half, and actively brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers across computing, AI, robotics, and social science. However, progress has been limited by the lack of affordable, general-purpose, modular hardware robot platforms with available low-level software that would enable large numbers of computing researchers to enter the field and develop and test algorithms, as well as conduct statistically significant user studies by deploying systems in the real world and collecting user data to inform further computational research in HRI.